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Business Boundless £17.98/mth

Today we are the supplying telecom service to line rental and broadband to a wide array of customers and have a highly trained professional team to provide our services quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our services are cost effective and reasonable. Seamless transfer and easy sign up process is some of our core features. Millenium Talk is UK’s fastest growing Telecom Service Provider; independent of BT, we are focusing on reduction in call rates in both the business and residential sector. Our Business Sector includes packages like Business Basic, Business Boundless, etc.

◘ Line Rental Included
◘ Fast Installation
◘ Maintained by BT Openreach Engineers
◘ Mobile calls @11p

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Business Plans

◘ We provide a seamless transfer
◘ Quick, efficient and effective service and back up
◘ Faster way to deliver our products to you.

* All Business rates exclude VAT and Residential Rates include VAT.
* Minimum contract length is 24 months.
* Standalone Broadband is not available with Business Packages

Rates used in comparison to BT business phone line (2 years contract) and Talk Talk Business phone line (2 years contract) is taken from their website.

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