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Network Service

There are various network services available with us for which you were looking since a long time. These services are such as Call Waiting, Ring Back, 1571 etc. and that also at a unbelievable price.

Call Diversion


This will allow you to divert all your calls to another number – anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or a mobile phone. You can choose to; divert all calls, divert on no reply or divert when the line is busy. A message is given to the caller when diverting on no reply, in case the divert-to number returns an engaged tone. Call Diversion with Remote Control is also available. Calls can be redirected to another telephone number remotely known as Smart Divert.


Call Waiting

This feature will notify you when other callers are trying to get through.With Call Waiting you will hear a gentle beep when someone is trying to get through to you while you’re on the phone. You can choose whether or not to take the call.


Ring Back
This feature will let you know when an engaged number becomes free. Your phone will ring when the number you were trying is free so you don’t spend time redialling the engaged number. Ring back will keep trying the engaged number up to a maximum of 45 minutes.


Wholesale 1571
You will never miss a call with the Wholesale 1571 voice messaging service. It answers your calls when you are not at home or if you are already busy on the phone. Just dial 1571 to listen to your messages. You can also record your own personal greeting so your callers know that they are through to the right number.


Call Barring
This feature will allow you to control the calls that can be made from your phone. You can bar certain types of calls from being made from your phone such as Calls to Internationals, Mobile or Premium Route numbers. You can also bar incoming calls.


Anonymous Call Rejection
You can stop calls from people who have withheld their number. If a caller withholds their number so that you can’t tell what number they called from, they won’t be able to get through to you. They’ll only get through if they reveal their number. Callers who have withheld their number will receive the announcement "The person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls, please re-dial without withholding your number"


Choose to Refuse
It allows you put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls by stopping them from getting through to you. You can block up to ten numbers. Callers who have had their call rejected will hear an announcement stating that their calls are not being accepted.


Caller Display
This feature will show you the number that’s calling you on caller display compatible equipment.


Call Sign
It allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line. An Alternate Number is provided to your existing Telephone Number. When somebody dials that Alternative Number, the telephone on that line will ring with a different cadence to the normal ringing. You can thus determine whom the call is for, or who the caller is, before you answer the phone.


Caller Redirect
It is a service that informs incoming callers that the calling party’s number has changed and they have a new telephone number. This would be used if you were moving house and wished to advise callers of your new number. All callers to your number will hear a message: “The number you have called has been changed to… <new number>.”


Three Way Calling
When three callers need to join a conversation.Three Way Calling is quick and easy conference calling that saves you making lots of different calls at different times.


Reminder Call
Your phone will ring at the time you programme it to.Reminder Call is subject to availability. This service allows you to set a ‘reminder call’ for a given time of day. There are 2 versions available. You can set up a one-off reminder call, or if you are on a system X exchange, you can set up regular reminder calls using the 24 hour clock.

* All Business rates exclude VAT and Residential Rates include VAT.
* Minimum contract length is 24 months
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